In the can and almost out the door

one-story-2-the-next-image.jpgIn the can and almost out the door. The Pilot episode for One Story to the Next is pretty much ready to go. Now it is a matter of technical stuff. The Things like converting the files to the appropriate format needed for where they will be hosted.  While I am still working out the details, the short will more than likely be viewable on Youtube, AniBoom and AWN's Media Center. I will update when They finally do get up on at least one.

I could probably still spend months fine tuning it but at some point you have to let it go. However being excited about a new project it makes it a little easier. I still plan on creating real episodes for one story to the next but the new project is a little more flushed out and ready to go. I will have an announcement on that soon as well as more upcoming projects.
Zane KohlerComment