One Story to the Next is finally finished!  It has officially been on the web for a day.  It is showing on (embedded above) , and  Because of compression, You Tube and AniBoom have some distortion and comes off a little grainy. However Newground is in it's swf format and plays sharp if you want to see it there

It is Already getting positive reviews!  There has been some comments on the audio for the dialogue. I knew this would be an issue as I discovered something about my computer after some research on the web. It has a bad soundcard when it comes to recording.  You have to eat the mic in order to be heard. Then of course when you are that close your S's and T's have a loud blasting sound.  I am hoping to get a mixer to resolve this in the future. Also might be adding a mac to the studio. So I have my ways around it from here on out.



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