Class 3 Theme 2

The final assignment for theme 1 and theme 2 preproduction shares the same week. While putting on the final touches for theme 1 I was getting ready for theme 2. Once again I was in front of a camera acting out the shots I will use. While I do feel a bit awkward doing these extreme gestures on film it comes in very handy later. Note the pads on the ground! The character in the shot takes a fall. Since I am using my reference to call upon it means I needed to really take the fall. I had my wife throw wadded up news papers at my face to represent the ball. Several falls and wadded newspaper to the face later I think you could actually read the copy on my face. You could say I was "read in the face" *bud dum chshshshs!*. But I digress...

Just as I did for theme 1 I sketched out the key poses from the reference video that I will use to set up my rough animation.


Below is the finished version. I have to warn that YouTube does not play it very smooth as the original. However with that said there are a few small pops that are still in the animation that I will have to go back and polish off when I get time.  I worked on this project in clamped mode this time instead of stepped. So I was able to see full movement and avoid as much as possible running into gimbal lock.

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