Class 3 Theme 1

Here are the story sketches for class 3's first assignment. I decided to pick a theme involving tennis. I first filmed reference of the action I will be animating. Then I studied the shot over and over. Next I picked out where the key frame poses are in the video. From there I sketched up those poses.

Below if the finished version. It has a few rough patches that if time permits I would like to go back in and fix. The main problem was all the Gimbal lock issues I had. The definition of gimbal lock can be found here. What it means to me in this case. All loss of control over the arms. It is a but that has to be dealt with in cg. You have to go in to every frame and re-position the arms to where the need to be. Sounds easy but it can be labor intensive. With that said I spent a lot of time correcting this problem rather than polishing it up. Part of this problem is I waited too long to go into spline mode. A lesson learned for the next assignment.




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