Anticipation & Squash and Stretch

This assigment is about Anticipation & Squash and Stretch. Good animation almost never moves without anticipation. It helps make a character or object not feel robotic. It also helps lend weight and physical believability to the character. In animation a character would never really have his hand go from a rest postion strait to an object he was intending to pick up. In an example he could move his hand up above the object first allowing time for the fingers to extend out. This would notify the viewer of the characters intent of action. Then he could bring his hand down and grab the object allowing the view to easily follow.

This assignment from a side view only is taking a ball and animating it through an obstacle course. Only the first bounce or jump are we aloud to have the ball act as a "character" to show anticipation. You will notice the ball at the begining push up then hunch down for momentum to anticipate jump. After the initial anticipation and jump the ball is to fall in a more realistic fashion. The frame limit is between 60-120.


Notes for the obstacle course below. As you can see while creating the animation I altered the path near the end last minute as the frame limitations to have it go over the last ledge were causing problems.  There was not enought time to allow it to settle naturally. So in this new version I have it hit the edge and bounce down.




This weeks Stu Pose was to show "devestated".


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