Update - New Project

I know I have been pretty quiet on updates. The new baby has been a happy distraction as well as extra time away from working. However, I am starting a new project! It started with inspiration while watching my baby's wide eyes looking at everything around her. A seed of an idea was planted more as a "what if " I was to create something for her. The more I thought about it the more it seemed to just fall together. So after a few weeks it seemed to become a project just asking to be started. With that I decided I will take it on. The idea is to have simplistic characters with quality posed animation. I plan to post the progress as I go. With that said my momentum for the project is based on time between taking care the baby. So posts could be irregular with possible long gaps of silence. I will update hopefully soon with the title. Currently doing the research to make sure the title and all character names are not being used elsewhere.

Zane KohlerComment