Project Announcement: The Color Bunch Variety Show

It is time to announce my new project! It is called The Color Bunch Variety Show. It is inspired by and mainly created for my baby daughter. It is an animated show that is about teaching colors, shapes, sizes and more to young toddlers.


The style and look is going to be heavily influenced by the 1950's retro modern cartoon era. The show is based around 4 main characters with several secondary characters to be introduced down the road. The premise evolves around these character performing simple tasks about learning and discovery via a variety show.


Above is a first look at the characters. There are still some small features on each character that will get some tweaking before I sign off on them. For the first episode I am currently thumbnailing each character's key poses before animating. I have Hue Blue and Square Pierre's completed. I will post those when I get a chance. Now... back to sketching.