Graduation from Animation Mentor

I had started a post about graduation some time ago. I had it about 70% done. Some how, some where along the lines the unpublished post disappeared. With that being said I am too angry to retype it all back up. So instead I will just make it brief over view.


Day 1 : Friday was a visit to AM Headquarters. Had fun roaming the halls and meeting fellow students. I got a tour of how day to day operations work. Also got to sign the alumni wall which was an honor. Afterwords we went to Fudruckers for lunch. Feels dirty writing that...Fudruckers. Anyway I digress. We pretty much took over the eatery. After I got a chance to take a bus down the street and see the famouse enterance for Pixar!


AM Headquarters /Tour

 Taking wacky photos at Animation Mentor

Signing the Alumni Wall

 Walking by Pixar Studios

Day 2 :  Day two was graduation day. It was held at the Palace of Fine Arts. Lee Ulrich the director of Toy Story 3 was our speaker. He delivered a great inspiring speech. Then the handout of certificates part began. They went by order of your first name. Having a Z got me a spot at the very end. Kind of cool to be the last one of our class! There were a few antics that we were asked not to talk about as they like to keep them a surprise for future graduates. So I will keep to that and honor their wishes. One thing that was cool is our class had made a thank you video unknown to the founders Bobby, Sean and Carlos. When the video was done Carlos could be seen with visible tears. Bobby and Sean had a humble look on their faces. Was very cool to see as you can tell this school means so much to them. Then balloons dropped and it was official. I was an alumni. Later in the night we all met up at the Irish Bank in the city for the after celebration.

Officially graduated. Thumbs up

Day 3: The last day was the annual BBQ. This was my second one. Was great to meat up with fellow students again and for the first time. Lots of food and drinks. The weather was perfect. A hint of overcast but the temperature was perfect. It was a blast for sure. Albeit brief I got a chance to talk to Carlos and Sean. They did their best to get around.

Sunday, The annual AM BBQ

Hanging with Pixar's Carlos Baena ( One of the Founders)

Animation Mentor BBQ

AM BBQ Group Shot. Where is Waldo?

Hanging with ILM's Sean Kelly (founder) and class mates

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