The first weeks assignment for Don Bluth's class is to select a character. Then from a selected list of audio clips pick our dialog. Take said dialog and diagram it on paper like below. 

As for characters we have a choice between Winnie the Witch and a little known bat named Bartok from Anastasia. I chose to attempt Bartok.  So all this week I have been trying to learn how to draw him from the list of model sheets given. As of now I am still a little shaky, but that is to be expected.  

We also have to fill out an x-sheet for the shot. I have never really used one in action before. I have had a couple of classes that had us fill one out as an exercise  for simple animation like a bouncing ball. So it is a bit of a learning curve with an animation piece this advanced. I might post those after I get them approved and make sure they are filled out correctly. Below are a few of the Bartok sketches based off of the provided model sheets. 


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