Last week of Animation Mentor

I can't believe this is the last week. It started off feeling like it was going slow. Which was cool because I love animation. Now that I am at the feels like the whole thing was a blink of an eye. Everything is a "last" this week. I turned in my last assignment on Saturday. Last lecture this week. It is all kind of sad. However I should not focus on what I am leaving behind but reflect on what I have gained. One can easily say skills. I certainly have. Considering 18 months ago I did not even know how to use Maya. Now I can bring characters to life. However the friends and connections I have made are really amazing. It is awesome to have been apart of something like this that I have shared with others. 

When it comes to my portfolio I still have a lot to work on. The good news is AM has given me the road map to keep going. To keep refining my skills long after being out of AM. AM does have a alumni section of the site where we can still work on our animation and get feedback from fellow alumni. I am looking forward to utilizing this. I am behind on updating my AM blogs. Once things calm down I will have some time to update and organize the AM blogs. To put a big shiny bow them and call them done. Later this summer I will be planning on heading out the AM Graduation as well as their annual BBQ!


Zane Kohler2 Comments