Jack A. Lope Sketch

Over at DonBluthAnimation.com we are focusing on character design. We have to draw a character with an emotion picked from a list supplied by Don. It is up to us to convey that emotion along with a few lines describing the situation they are in.  The deadline is the end of March.  Until then we can draw as many characters as we want. Each Wednesday we can post our drawings and Don will take a look at them.  At the end of March we submit which one we feel is the best. Below is my first sketch.  It is a Jackalope aptly named Jack A. Lope. 


This character is Jack A. Lope. He Lives out in the desert where food is sparse. So when he finds it...He is very excited. Being a jackalope he is thought to be fictitious until a burley transient comes across him as a money ticket. Currently Jack has just discovered food left by the transient.

My main focus I wanted Don to look at in this drawing was my line work. In particular my straights against curves. Or also called active and inactive lines. As the name states it is how you have the drawn curves balanced out by angles. 

This past Wednesday Don took a look at it and was positive about the drawing. He did say I had the straights and curves working. He said it might have been nice to see a more pronounced French 'S' curves. Where one of the lines has a stylized S shape to it. He did spot a subdued one in the right ear. Otherwise he did get the feeling and ideas I was trying to convey about the character. 


Zane Kohler2 Comments