Wall-E Screening


I was invited by ASIFA to go see a Wall•E  screening, where else but on the Disney studio lot in Burbank. I was totally geeking out at all the iconic sites that I have seen through out the years on the Disney shows and or photos. I got to see the famous studios street sign as well as the very animation building where some of the greatest animated films have come to fruition. Had a great time. The movie was great. Had a lot of heart. I can't say movie wise it will beat the Incredibles as my favorite...but I think Wall E as a character will. I think he was a great character to watch. I have seen the movie twice as of writing this and each time was mesmerised by his range of emotions.




Just for fun I figure I would try and rate all the Pixar films in order
of what I think is Least to best. Even the one that is last is like saying what is your least favorite ice cream. Still damn great and I am not going to say no if I get offered a dish.  Also I might add that if you were to ask me this again next week I guarantee it would be different. With that said, here we go....

  • 9. A Bugs Life
  • 8. Cars
  • 7. Ratatouille
  • 6. Finding Nemodisney-studios.jpg
  • 5. Toy Story 2
  • 4. Wall E
  • 3. Monsters inc
  • 2. Toy Story
  • 1. The Incredibles
If you feel so inclined to mention what your favorite rankings are go ahead and click the comments and post them!
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