The Animation Show year 4

posterYear4.jpgA couple of weeks back I went down town to see the Animation Show festival year 4. A great year with almost a perfect line up of shorts. There was a set of shorts titled Yompie that was less than stellar. I did find the first few funny but ran old quickly. It was a choppy claymation about a character that befriends someone then bites them in the crotch. Also the sound seemed to be on the low quality side. Outside of that I highly recomend seeing it if and when it comes to town. Below are a few reviews for some of the top of my head. If I get time I may review a few more later.






Directed by Matthew Walker
A fun little quirky short about a man calling God on the phone. It has a very simplistic concept that makes up for it with humor and a good feel. After the show I found myself analyzing the story which added more humor and depth to the film. You as a viewer never hear the answers to the man's dispensable questions. This I think possibly leaves some viewers feeling gypped. However I think this ends up being the films strongest angle. It leaves your mind running to try and interpret what possibly could God have said. Try as we may to fill in the answer, the humor comes from the fact we as the viewer will never know for sure. Only that indeed an absolute answer exists.

thiswayup_y4_sm.jpgThis Way Up
Directed by Smith and Foulkes
A very interesting misadventure of two undertakers. The art direction is beautiful. The use of a muted color pallet helps set the mood of the film. Even under grim circumstances the story is able to find humor within the situations the characters find themselves in. Smith and Foulkes successfully create a connection to the film and characters in an otherwise uncomfortable situation most try to avoid even thinking about. Even with a dark tone the film leaves you feeling higher than when you started.

hotdog_y4_sm.jpgHot Dog
Directed by Bill Plympton
I have really loved this series of shorts by Bill Plympton. I have been a huge fan of all the short films he has created. In particular I find the shorts from the late 80's to be amazing. The first moment I saw "one of those days" at a festival I was hooked on his films. I played the vhs tape Plymptoons till it was barely watch able. Thanks to DVD's I get to see them clear again...but I digress. When Guard Dog played at the Animation Show I got that same feeling as I did many years before. Each one in the series has delivered. We have a dog who only wants to please by doing his job. In doing so he repeatedly screws up with the end result in loosing his job. In Hot Dog we find him applying for the position of fire dog. While interviewing for the job, an emergency call comes in and he rises to the occasion and tags along to help. From there comedy ensues and delivers. Hot Dog is a great short and will sit nicely along side with the previous two.

Zane KohlerComment