A Comic Strip Rant

Every so often I get an idea that seems to fit best as a comic strip. Sometimes I even act upon them and create them. This one below is actually a few years old but I thought it would be nice to post it.


My passion to do cartoons has actually been around for awhile. In fact I may have already peeked in my career. I actually have had two cartoons published when I was 13 (note: error in paper says age 11).


Comic from "out of your eyes" series published in Kids World Tribune

Since then everyplace I tried to publish cartoons ended up stifling anything creative about it. I understand there are restrictions and guidelines. They were not edgy adult cartoons by any means. Many were fashioned after the Far Side style. By complete random luck I got the job of being the college newspaper cartoonist. I was sitting on a bench in the art department when I was approached by an editor. He explained how he wanted to gain readers by having funny cartoons. I described to him a few of strips that I had already rough sketches for. He loved the ideas. He asked me to create finalized ink version in their print format, hand them in and then attend the meeting the following week. I show up to the meeting where it had nothing to do with me. Finally at the end of the hour I mentioned my strips and why I am here. While the editor loved my comics it appeared the chief in editor did not share the same enthusiasm.  She tore me a new one about my comics. Then asked me to go to the upcoming German club and create something funny that happened there.  The editor did not warn me what the chief in editor was looking for. Which I found out was told to him the day he recruited me. All the while he did nothing to defend my comics. I had been betrayed.  I had half a mind to come back with sketches as if the German club was celebrating a famous Hitler speech. Then the caption would read "Many Join the club while enjoying free appeasement cookies". However I knew best not to burn bridges. So I told the editor this was not for me and if they do go in another direction look me up. My tenure as the school cartoonist came to an end only after one week.

All that and a few other experiences left me bitter.  However now with the internet it allows one to share and express exactly what they want when they want. So maybe now and again I will post some comic strips if the mood hits me.
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