Dance Dance Revolution!!!

Here is a faux poster I created. While it is more of an inside joke It actually is based off of true events. I was at the local Dave and Busters with some friends and noticed this guy standing off to the side watching two 20 something on the Dance Dance Revolution video game machine. The two playing were rather good. So much so there was a crowd gathered. That's when we showed up wondering what the fuss was. We happen to be standing next to this guy. He had a very smug look on his face. He then leaned to the guy next to him that I could tell did not know. He stated " I can take the guy on the right no problem. The guy on the left would give me a run".  After hearing this I had to see this guy in action.


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He had to be the local DDR hotshot. I figured he had to be good. However he was not your usual DDR player. He was a bit overweight and in his mid 30's. The two 20 something were thin, fit and very active. Quite a contrast. Finally the time came where he went on to take the challenger. It was quite a spectical. I was mesmerised by this guy. He was so white when it came to dancing but he was doing very well score wise. He looked more like a three year old throwing a stomping fit.  After a few minutes he was sweating like crazy but kept going. I knew I had to draw this guy. He was too interesting to pass this by. So I started taking mental notes so I could draw him when I got some time. He ended up loosing to the first guy we saw. He kept his smug look and In the same tone as Ice man from Top Gun he told the other guy "your good".  A few hours later I passed by again and saw him beat his opponent. He literally threw his fist in the air ane whispered "Yesss". It was at that moment we noticed we were  witnessing a movie moment. This was the final scene. Victory from under the multi color lights that illuminate from the city of video game screens.

Victory from under the multi color lights that illuminate from the city of video game screens.

He knew the hours he had spent that day had payed off. He was going home a champion. I think he took comfort knowing it will start all over again next week end. Once again he will get to prove to himself and the Dave and Buster patrons... he is the Dance Dance Revolution champion.

 I was originally going to just do a sketch and call it a day.  After recalling all this for the sketch I got the idea to make a poster.  I figured making the poster would give me some good coloring practice. Below is the rough sketch.


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