Over the last couple of months I had been slowly loosing steam on the Babaloo project. The further along I went the less happy I was with how the project was unfolding.  I knew when I started I believed it was a good idea... but a few adds and snips to the project really made it not read the way I intended. The gag seemed flat and it I felt it was running too slow.  At this point I was not sure what to do. posterYear4.jpgWell the remedy was a dose of The Animation Show .  Went down to see the annual Animation Show year 4 in San Diego.  Being able to see a crowd react to other well done animated short with great timing really helped. On the drive back  I was replaying mr. Babaloo in my head the way I intended it. All of a sudden I was excited for the project again. I could see it working in my head again. So as soon as I got home I quickly sketched all my new ideas out. This cause me to trash most of what I had animated all ready. However that did not bother me as I was excited to be re-energized and moving again!

Speaking of the Animation Show I highly recommend checking it out if it comes to a city near you! Great line up of animation. Only a couple I thought were a little lackluster. However I was still able to find something enjoyable in them. It was great to see Bill Plympton's latest Hot Dog from his dog trilogy.



Below a working shot of Mr. Babaloo in progress.


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