Race Against Time

Animation Mentor starts on June 30th. Once that begins there wont be anytime to work on Mr. Babaloo. Which means I have a little over two months to finish. It is a tight schedule and will be a challenge. I got a few more seconds completed over the weekend as well as polishing up some of the existing shots. I also have the music score finally selected. Now it is just a matter of acquiring the rights to use it.


Looking to scrape some more time this week and get more done. I have freelance work as well so time will be limited. You may notice the post-it note on the computer? It reads "water the jasmine plant".  Below you can see how well I have done thus far pre note...



Yeah, it's that twig in the middle of the pot. We took the dead leaves off and moved it to the backyard.  Backyard + Puppy = empty pot. So we moved it to the front of the house.  We will see if it lives.

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