More than halfway there...

This Presidents day weekend was smooth sailing for creating animation. I plowed right through scene after scene. Felt really good to make such progress. The process was simple. Create, then watch it. Create more then watch it. Go back and tweak a little, then watch it. Go back and tweak some get the point. Not nearly as exciting talking about it. I threw down some bucks for the soundtrack song. Found a great cheesy elevator song that will work perfect. In a month or so I just might go crazy with how many times I will have had to hear it!


 Here are some thumbnail rough sketches of the elevator operator being flushed out design wise. The characters are so simple in nature that it takes almost as much time to draw them on paper as to create them on the computer. They are inspired from the simplistic UPA cartoons of the 1950's /60's.


Zane KohlerComment