Maya Springboard comes to an end

The Maya Springboard is over. We still have a week left before the semester is officially done but as far as classes go it is over. I am very glad I took the Springboard class before going in. For anyone who does not know Maya and is trying to decide which class to go in first I highly recommend the Springboard.  You may do just fine jumping into class1 but I think this will give you an edge for sure. While part of me still feels like I hardly know Maya I have to step back and think about what I HAVE learned.  I can't imagine going into class one not know what I have learned. Our peer buddy AnthonyTravieso has done a excellent job making sure we understand all the basics (plus more) needed to move forward.  One class down and six more to go!

Here is my latest Demo reel. They don't require you to make one in this class as nothing is really show reel worthy. In this case I wanted to show what we learned. Most of the assignments are not about quality animation. They are about leaning the user interface controls. What better way to learn it than to Animate. 

Zane Kohler1 Comment