Assignment 1

This is the first assignment which is titled acting test. We have to show an change from one emotion to another. I chose to show confidence going to scared. Like all the AM projects it starts out with sketching out thumb nails.

Next I took the sketches from the story boards and put them in an animatic. This way I could start to get a feel for the timing.

Next is doing a first pass at rough animation. Below is the first take at blocking. I had changed the angle of the camera because I wanted to give the viewers a sense of the height. However being an awkward angle to view the character my mentor felt my original camera angle would be best suite the assignment.

Next is pass is to take it further. As you can notice I changed up how he jumps back. He no long twists around in the air and crawls. I felt it seem more natural and humorous to have him inch worm back towards the latter. I now have it in spline mode. Now the motion is smooth but has a floaty feel. I have to go in and add frames to give a more believable performance.

Last is the final polish pass. Due to some time constraints I feel it is not fully yet completed. The shot could use one more pass that I will do when time permits. Below is what I turned in.


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