Assignment 3. Back Flip off of a Bench

Below is the final version of my assignment. I decided to choose a back flip off a box/object. 

It is the first one that I rendered. There are still a few small tweaks left to finish if I get the time. Otherwise it was good to turn in. I learned a ton on this particular assignment. Things seemed to just click this time around. Lets hope they stay clicked!


Above is one of many for my reference video I found on YouTube (assuming it has not been taken down).

Below are my sketches based off of studying the reference video. It was tricky trying to get this to look right. 


When studying the path of action for the hips and head you'll notice them moving in a crazy way you would not think it should. Trying to nail that and make it look natural was a challenge for sure.



I had a very strong start in my first week of blocking. The best so far of Class 2! The only weak part was the ending. After Stewie does his back flip he raises his hands in celebration. It was very generic and repetitive. While I was well aware of it being

lackluster it felt incomplete with out it. The main problem was I added it in at the zero hour and it showed. I do think I was better off leaving it in if nothing more than to indicate to my mentor something needed to be there. So this round I went about doing it up proper by filming reference and sketching up key poses.




 I got great feedback to work on as I transition into the blocking plus phase. Because I had a great start I was able to get more specific feedback with the small things that help polish the over all performance.  At this point I was able to switch from stepped to spline mode. Because I had so many keys set there were not too many areas in need of fixing. There was the usual foot pops and rigid arcs caused by the conversion.  However after a few hours of tweaking around I was able to get what you see at the top.



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