Ball Bounce preperation

The main focus of this assignment was all about preperation. They teach you should spend almost as much time planning as you do in animating.  Below is a diagram charting out a ball bouncing to a stop. As easy as it may seem I saved a lot of time sketching it out first.

Here is the animation.

Not perfect by anymeans. It actually slows down too fast at the end. Part of the problem is we are limited on how many frames we can use. So I was trying bring it to a stop before frame 100. I should have had the bounce start to loose energy sooner.  The other part of the problem I was fighting the graph editor while attmepting to learn how to use it.  I did not quite grasp the in's and out's. While I still have a lot to learn in the graph editor, things did finally start to click while working on the next assignment!

Zane KohlerComment