February update

 Had a few people inquire that the site has been a bit quite lately. Well there are two reasons for that. Let me start by saying a very late Happy New year. First I have been working on my freelance project. As I have mentioned before being under wraps I can't say much. However progress has been great and I am moving right along.

The second reason, I finally upgraded to a new computer that was long over due. Took some time to transfer everything over and get new programs installed. I am just about up to speed. 

I have been itching to do some sketches. I have some ideas and have even collected/created some reference. Now just need the time. If I am at my office I feel compelled to work on the freelance project.  So I have been sort of waiting for some down time to happen while I am away from the computer. I have been trying to carry my sketchbook around for this very reason. With some luck I might get new sketch soon.

I usually like to post with a photo as it makes the blog feel less wordy. Since there is not a whole lot to update with I will post a photo of my work station showing off  my newly installed color led lights. 'Till next time!

Zane KohlerComment