Class 6 is a go : Polishing and Portfolio

Class 6 has started. My Mentor for this course is Mike SternHe Currently works at Dreamworks. He adds a new element from any other mentor I have had so far. He has actually gone through the AM course. He was one of the first students to graduate some years back. He really knows his animation and shows experience as a mentor. On the flip side he understands what it is like being on the other side as a student and offers insightful information. He did an awesome animated short called Distraxion. Very funny and of course amazing animation. I am looking forward to picking his brain on creating it. We have been lucky enough already where he showed us some early animation from it.

This class will be interesting to blog about as it is a bit different from past classes. Being that this is the Polishing and Portfolio class there will be no new work to document. The class consists of polishing the best of any assignments that will make a well balanced demo reel.  Adding polish to a shot is usually very minor tweaks. So much so in many cases the average viewer can not tell you what is different. If done right they will just know which one "feels" better. So I am not entirely sure how I will document the assignments. At the moment I think I will just show the before and after polish videos. As of right now I am looking to have 4 or 5 clips to polish for my reel. One clip is still waiting review from my mentor.

Zane KohlerComment