Animation Mentor BBQ

Just got back on Monday from San Francisco where the annual AM BBQ is held. I showed up a bit late due to traffic trying to get over the bay bridge. Took an hour and half between that and trying to find parking! Good news is it seems as if many were still arriving when we were.


unfortunately I missed the big photo op by like 5 minutes from what I have been told. It was great getting to meet so many people I have been talking to via Internet! I am amazed how many people were able to spot me out of the crowd. While I was wearing a name tag, visually the only thing people had to go by is a 60 pixel avatar photo from memory.

I also have to give Bobby Beck Credit. I had just arrived and out of no where he taps me on the shoulder and says a big HELLO! There were tons of people there and he knew he had not seen me yet and made the effort to shake hands and give a welcome. He is as cool in person as he is on all the news and school lectures.

I definitely need to arrive earlier next year. There were a few people I knew were going and did not get a chance to talk to either because I did not find them or they had already left. I did get to see a few fellow class mates that I attended Maya Springboard with. A few of us had met back in LA at an animation conference so it was cool to get to see them again in person.


  I also was able to get to meet my Class 2 Mentor Charles Alleneck in person and chat a little about his experience on Transformers 2.

Great weather, great people and a great day!


Before I knew it the BBQ was winding down. Crowd started to thin out as the catering tables were folded up and pulled away. Walked over and made sure to get at least one photo with me and the iconic bridge before heading out.

Zane KohlerComment