1st Day of Class 3!

Had my first session for class 3! My mentor this time around will be Joe Mandia. He currently is working in video games but has an extensive film career as well. From just this session it looks as if he has a lot of fun in class. Not to be confused with the quality of work expectations. From his opening lecture I can tell this is going to be very challenging.


  This time around we get to pick the actions for our assignments. We will have 3 total assignments. We have two choices. Ani-Jam or Ani-Excersize. The first is selecting a theme for all three from a list provided. One example of  a theme is boot camp. We now have props to choose from! So if one was to choose boot camp they can now select obstacles provided to interact with. I have a lot of choices that I need to buckle down on and decide on. Class went smooth and looks like I will have a live bunch of peers. Which is always great because you get to feed off the energy!.

Zane KohlerComment