Animation Mentor Movie Posters

At the begining of each week at AM I try to get out and say hi to fellow student workspaces. Sometimes I don't have a lot to say other than a simple "have a great week". Which is cool, but I felt I wanted to do it with a little more umph. So I started creating mock movie posters using the AM models Stu and Stewie. Between class 2 and 3 I have started to gather a small collection. In the last week I have been hit up by some old and a few new students who did not see any of the previous posters. So I finally got around to creating a gallery. Please note that these are using the rigs owned by Animation Mentor. All other aspects of the posters are parodies and intended for fun . Click Here or the image below to see all in the gallery.

Click the image to go the the poster gallery

Zane Kohler2 Comments