Assignment 2 - Jump onto then off a box

Assignment two I chose to have an armless Stewie jump onto then off a box. Like the last assignment this was a four week assignment. First week was again all about planning. First thing was to film or find your reference. In this case it was easier to film it myself. Next was to study the reference and start to thumbnail out the key poses. The next week was to start blocking in the rough animation and eventuall move to blocking plus where you start to spline. The last week it should be splined and polished as you can. The arcs kicked my butt a little on the first pass. After some great direction from my mentor and fellow students I was able to get it flowing a bit better. Over all while there are some little things left to work on I am pretty happy with it...for now anyway ;) .


Finished animation

Me attempting to act out the shot.


Me attempting to act out the shot.


Planning Sketches

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