Prep work for multi character assignment

Here are the sketches for my  multi character assignment. First image is the thumbnail sketch for the shot.

The second image below is the camera layout. After some discussions with my mentor a few things have been changed since creating these. One of the biggest most notible ones is the gunman character in the layout diagram.

He has been moved across the counter. Which is where he was originally going to be. However at the last minute I ended up using new rigs that became available to us.  The new characters are Dan and Glenn from Glenn happens to be short and stubby and Dan super tall.  I really liked their contrast but it posed a problem getting them to fit balanced in the same shot. If I had them both on the same side of the counter that fixed the problem. With Glenn closer to the camera he was higher in perspective. However after the discussion my mentor Mark had stated since he is behind the counter and we never see his true size or feet, to fake it. Raise him up to where he fits nicely in the shot. He mentioned that this happens all the time in the big studios to make a shot better.  Since raising the Glenn character up the shot now seems to be working better. No one the wiser except you fine folks who made it this far into the post know he is floating a foot or so off the ground.


Below is a screen shot of an early layout shot

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