International Comic Con 2008

The 2008 San Diego Comic Con Comes to an end. A total sensory overload! I was there all day Saturday. This year was casual as I stayed away from the big attractions that were drawing crowds.  The lines to get into panels were incredibly long. You could waste a third of your day just waiting. If you are a single day patron that's a lot of time. 

I was able to hit up the Stuart Ng Booth that held the  Eric Goldberg book signing. He has a bran new book out called "Character Animation Crash Course!". So far I have only thumbed through it but what I have seen looks great. I am very interested in the Disc that comes with it. From my understanding it contains movies of animation examples that you can play, pause and rewind for study purposes.  The line for the signing was relatively short yet stayed consistent in length. It moved pretty fast as well. When I finally got up to see Eric and I did the usual greetings. He was very nice and out going.  It would have been awesome to site and talk to him longer... but I did not want to be "That Guy" who held up the line. He was very nice to pose for a picture. We had a small discussion about me attending Animation Mentor. He had a lot of good things to say about the school!  I can't wait to start implementing the book to use.

I spent a bit more time hanging around artist alley.  I was picking up a bunch of artists printed sketchbooks.  Unfortunately there were more books than bucks in my pocket. I am thinking about making one for next year so it was neat to see what everybody is doing. So much inspirational stuff. To name just a few... Stephen Silver, David Coleman, Erwin Haya, Javier Guzman, Patrick Morgan. Also I picked up a neat book called Depth Charge by Donnachada Daly. It is a stereoscopic 3d book that does not need glasses. You stare past the images until you see three images blurred. You then focus on the middle one and let your eyes relax. The image in the middle then starts to have some depth.

 To describe the rest of the day... Big crowds, Random celebrities and cool displays. With a pedometer we were able to track  the distance of 8 miles. Some of that was coming from and to the car a couple times but it does show you how much distance can easily be covered going up and down the isles. I have to add that we still had plenty of undiscovered territory. Till next year. 

Me and Stephen Silver

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