Latest Blurb: Keeping busy on the not-yet-announced freelance project.


Extreme Fall is about a moment in a leafs life.




The Color Bunch Variety Show

It is an animated show that is about teaching colors, shapes, sizes and more. It is primarily geared towards young toddlers. Currently working on pre production treatments while shopping it around for a potential interactive app or stand alone show.


Front Burner Project

Animated Short

Not allowed to say much about this project as of yet. The animation is completed. Currently I am in post production working on applying the score and sound effects.

Back Burner Project


Slowly but surely I am working on publishing a sketchbook collection of my drawings. There is no time frame other than when I feel it is right. Until then I will keep drawing!


Animation Demo Reel


This is my Animation Mentor page that documents my journey from the Maya Springboard class through class 6. I enrolled in the school in 2008 and graduated in 2010.

Animation Mentor is an online school founded on the principle of teaching only the pure essence of character animation and doing it in a production-style learning environment taught by professional working animators. Students get an intensely focused program of structured assignments that teach students workflow, planning, and the principles of animation, and prepares them to succeed as a working animator.



There were some tell tale signs along the way that told Zane was headed towards art and animation. Some of the early signs on more than one occasion were teachers writing in his progress report “he’s in his own world”. This world was something hard for teachers to take away because it was two main ingredients needed for school, a pencil and paper. It was in this world where he doodled on the sides of notes creating ideas and stories.

Zane had graduated from Animation Mentor which is an online animation school that has a focus on character animation.

Currently, Zane is working on a couple of freelance projects. These projects allow him to stay at some unknown location while being tied to a chair and fed giant spoonfuls of animation. 



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