To create an aesthetically pleasing holiday-themed gift guide to be presented as a splash page to help increase online store revenue.

Challenges / Solutions:

I spent the most time on the background as it was going to be the focal point. Being holiday themed I played around with multiple ideas from snow to gift wrap.  After creating a few choices, I noticed I was gravitating towards the warmer feeling images and felt they would best represent the holiday.  I ultimately I ended up with the rustic wood. Using the color balance tools, I tweaked the wood colors to have a warm tone to try and convey a feeling of a fire in the room.  Next, I created a gift wrap background for the products. One main challenge was editing the code with all the new creative. Everything had to be added in manually and changed for each of the clients that participated. Each splash page had a total of 30 product images that needed to be added in.  As a team, we got creative and discovered ways of using excel to assist in editing the code to copy and add the product images to the page saving hours of time. 

Unused background graphics

Graphic components.

Graphic components.