Revisions for Assignment 3 Blocking

Got my revisions for my blocking portion of the assignment back from my mentor. Got some good praise which is nice because I did work hard on this one. I got some great feedback to work on as I transition into the blocking plus phase. While I always get great feedback for revisions, the mentor's know there is only so much one can do in one week. So the more things you have off the broader sometimes the feedback can be. This time I was able to get more specific feedback with the small things that help polish the over all performance.

However this is only week one of three in the animation portion of the assignment. One thing I have to be careful of is not to muck it up while doing the revisions. It is very easy while adding in keys and changing poses to end up with some unwanted jerky popping motions.

I will now take a breath and admire my progress and then it is back to work full throttle onto blocking plus!

Zane KohlerComment